Cold Buffet

Choice of 4 meats and 2 cheeses
Cold Cut Platters Appetizingly Arranged with Our Finest Cold Meats and Cheeses
$8.99 Per Person (Minimum 20 People)

Meat Options

1. Roast Beef
2. Turkey Breast
3. Virginia Ham
4. Roast Pork
5. Boiled Ham
6. Salami
7. Capicola
8. Pepperoni
9. Mortadella


Cheese Options

1. Swiss Cheese
2. American
3. Mozzarella
4. Alpine Lace Provolone
5. Imported Aurricio Provolone Cheese
6. Jarlsberg
7. Muenster
8. Pepperjack
9. Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese
10. Alpine Lace Muenster Cheese


Also Available in a Wide Variety of Low Salt, Low Fat Meats and Cheeses From Boar’s Head and Alpine Lace Brands

Our Delicious Cold Cut Trays Also Include: Fresh Baked Rolls, Rye Bread, White Bread, Plates, Forks, Knives, Tablecloth, Salt & Pepper, Serving Spoons, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Oil and Vinegar, and Our Finest Deli Fresh


Homemade Potato, Macaroni and Coleslaw


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