Top Tomato Has Been Serving The Tri-State Area For 35+ Years


Thirty-five years ago we began selling produce at a Farmers Market in Queens. Today, Top Tomato has become your leading superstore providing all you need to create delicious gourmet Italian meals and superb catering for any occasion.

Throughout the years, Top Tomato has continued to open and operate a number of stores in New York. At our peak, we operated a total of 13 stores at one time. We are proud to have become a staple in any community we have been a part of. Top Tomato works to continuously provide our customers with only the finest ingredients and delicious meats in addition to the freshest produce. This began in 1998 when our Amboy Road location became the first store to sell grocery and have its own deli and meat department. Since then, our stores have been a prime location for our community.

Our first store in 1979.

Our first store in 1979.

Top Tomato In The Community

Top Tomato has been involved with our customers by providing donations to schools, organizations and soup kitchens throughout the area. We’ve also created a number of events for the community customer appreciation day held annually in September. In times of hardship, Top Tomato has donated clothes, canned goods and food, as well as taken up collections for the salvation army and project hospitality. We’ve also donated real estate to our local Senator during the months following Hurricane Sandy. It has always been our goal to ensure our help is provided to communities in need.

We love to see our customers smile, which is why we continue to meet the demands of our shoppers. From homemade fresh mozzarella to store made fresh sausage and breads, we are the perfect solution for a delicious gourmet meal with a comforting Italian household touch. Top Tomato also offers an array of specialty dishes and grocery items catered to different enthnicities including, Spanish, Mexican, European and Polish.

Four Locations For Your Convenience

Family owned and operated for over 35 years, we have provided our community with the freshest produce available, gourmet Italian meals and a comforting, neighborly Italian household touch.

From our ripe, farm fresh produce to our gourmet deli counter you will always be satisfied when you shop at Top Tomato.

With four existing locations today, Top Tomato remains your ideal superstore for farm fresh produce, gourmet deli meats, catering for all occasions, and so much more!